Elite PREP and Shuttle Training Program

Welcome to Body.By.Design  Elite PREP and Shuttle Training Program. In this program you will be evaluated from the moment you enrol to the time you are hired.

It is designed to help you build strength & endurance by means of a hybrid training style. This very unique system measures your speed and pace in your run, as well as strength in your lift. We will know if you are read to test!

You will have access to in person training, we will work with you on form and technique for your ability to pass your PREP.

We will work on all aspects of the PIN-Test and FITCO evaluation.

We will also encourage you to enrol into our virtual Police module Program to help you stay on track with strength train, continue to develop skills that are required to pass your FITCO, BEEP SHUTTLE RUN, PIN-TEST.

In order to be ready for your test date, you must be in physical standing with Strength, Endurance, Core strength & Stamina.

In the Elite Training Module Program you will be assigned your daily training session and your conditioning routine. It will also include a running schedule to help you get to 5km in 20 min and 2.5 in 10 min, ideally with a 20IB vest.

MAKE NOTE: These workouts are ELITE and it is important to consider your Nutrition and supplementation to help support your body and prevent injury.

As we build lean muscle tissue you will improve your speed and agility to execute the course successfully. You will also have access to all the equipment and be set up for test time to practice with Police Test Ontario.

Lastly, we also have contacts with to help with your next step in your career.

Our facility provides instructors with experience in physical PREP test, FITCO, BEEP TEST, PIN-TEST. We provide equipment to help you be successful.

You will have the opportunity to learn and simulate the Push/Pull machine and dummy drag.  Your physical training will prepare you for:

  • 20 meter Victim Drag
  • Emergency Response circuit
  • Body Control Simulator
  • Arm Resistance Simulator
  • Shuttle Run Practice
  • 4 Ft wall climb
  • 6.5 Ft wall look over

We will evaluate your progress frequently.

Aerobic Shuttle Run

This component will be evaluated by running back and forth between two marked lines over a 20-metre course in time with audio signals recorded on a CD. Each leg of the Shuttle Run must be reached before the audio signals sounds and the time to cover the 20-metre course is shortened progressively requiring a quickened pace with each leg of the run. This test ends when you miss two consecutive warnings or when the standard of Stage 7 is met

For successful completion of the Pursuit/Restraint Circuit the time taken must be 157 seconds or less.

Pursuit/Restraint Circuit

The circuit is made up of four 25 meter rotations. In the pursuit phase of the test, you will run four laps around a 25 meter (82 ft) circuit as quickly as possible for a total distance of 100 metres (328 ft), while wearing a 4kg (9 lb) soft weight belt around your waist and a 4kg (9 lb) vest to simulate the weight of standard police equipment. During the first and third rotations you will pull yourself up to look over a 1.9 metre (6.5 ft) fence with a toe hold, climb up and down a set of stairs, drop to the floor and crawl under a barrier of 61 cm (24 in). During the second and fourth rotations of the circuit; you will scale a 1.2 metre (4 ft) fence (with no toe-holds), climb up and down a set of stairs and then drop to the floor and crawl under a barrier of 61 cm (24 in), then go first to the Body Control Simulator and then to the Arm Restraint Simulator. Lastly, you will grasp a 77 kg (170 lb) mannequin by the handle behind the neck, and drag the mannequin a distance of 15 metres (50 ft) over a resistive mat and around pylons. The Pursuit/Restraint Circuit is scored as the total time from the start of the 100 metre (328 ft) circuit to the completion of the victim drag.

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