Virtual Conditioning Program

Original price was: $100.00.Current price is: $55.00. / month with a 7-day free trial

Every live workout is customized for each live session. I will guide you to step outside your comfort zone so you achieve your goals! Each session is crafted strategically and are regimented  by addressing  the whole body. I ensure we tackle every angle and leave no stone unturned. Clients are encouraged to attend all live classes Monday to Friday.



Live class plus recordings

  • Classes are held live every day (Monday to Friday) on Zoom
  • Attend as many classes as you like!
  • Monday – Strength and Conditioning
  • Tuesday – Strength and Conditioning
  • Wednesday – Strength and Conditioning
  • Thursday – Restorative Stretch
  • Friday – Strength and Conditioning

RESTORATIVE STRETCH – Not your typical stretch class, Pilates, rehabilitation roller work, each session helps to recover and restore…
STRENGTH & CONDITIONING – Every day is different! Full body workouts that build muscle, strengthen your body and improve endurance.

Join in your Thursday Self-care Thursday. Start off the practice with Pilates covering the 6 principles. We then go into foam roller ball work, finishing off with full body restorative stretch.



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