Body By Design is a Nano Fitness Group that leverages the Internet to help our followers overcome health challenges without the need to attend a brick and mortar club or engage in “gym culture”.

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Pricing Plans


  • $ 35
    • Access to our video bank of recorded classes!
    • Watch as many classes as you like any time!
    • Classes are 50 minutes long
  • $ 50
    • Classes are held live every day (Monday to Friday) on ZOOM.US
    • Attend as many classes as you like!
    • Classes run from Monday to Friday at 6pm for 50 minutes
  • $ 65
    • Classes are held live every day (Monday to Friday) on ZOOM.US
    • Attend as many classes as you like!
    • Classes run from Monday to Friday at 6pm for 50 minutes
    • Access to our bank of training videos 24x7x365
    • Hundreds of hours of challenging workouts on demand!

Personal Accountability

I've just finished two of Gisell's reset program and I've lost a total of 10 lbs in less than 60 days. Prior to that I was in one on one personal training as well as being part of another online program which definitely helped me get ready for these classes but didn't bring me to hit my goals. The personal accountability and group encouragement has been awesome. Last night my dad told me I'm getting prettier and prettier and I had two people approach me today asking if I've lost weight. I definitely recommend BodyByDesign for anyone who wants to get serious about their fitness. The recorded classes are great and enough to give you a good sweat and keep you going. The live classes are more challenging but allow for Gisell to motivate you and even correct your form if you have your camera on.

Jenny K Satisfied Customer

Diet Rollercoaster No More

Since I have started with Gissell It’s been 2 weeks going on 3 and I am down 5 pounds which makes a huge difference when you are leaning out. People think 5 pounds is not a lot but when you take before and after (progress) photos you will start to see how 5 pounds really makes a huge difference. I am not bloated anymore , I feel great , I feel energized, I get great night sleeps and Gissell’s workouts are great the classes are fun and they go by so fast . I see muscle, I see lean, I see a happier me. I’ve seen results in 3 weeks I haven’t seen in my lifetime of working out . This lifestyle change is all encompassing , it’s not any one thing, I feel it’s everything. .. It’s the vitamins, it’s the foods, her recipes , it’s the shakes , it’s Gissell’s powerful messages, her one on one’s or group chats, I take all these wonderful things Gissell gives me everyday and it makes it a successful day for me! I love her program because as much as it can be a group program it is a ONE ON ONE program ! Gissell is always there for me no matter what . She sends me texts out of the blue to make sure I am ok or if I need to tweak my diet .. she is just always there for support. This program is everything and more and trust me I have tried everything so I know what I am comparing this to .. Gissell made me a promise like she makes to everyone and she sticks to the promise and that is .. to make us the best possible version of ourselves we can be .. and so far I am so happy with myself , I can’t wait to see what’s next in my journey w/ Gissell.. To break free of bad eating habits and bad habits in general is a powerful thing and so freeing it’s like a weight is lifted little by little when these bad habits disappear it’s just so amazing .. I can’t do this without Gissell .. I look and feel better because of her . xo This YoYo Dieter has finally let go of the yo-yo .. I am so happy I found Gissell and her clean eating , living and just finally found me 😊 I am a “ Body-By-Design” for lifer .. THANK YOU GISELLE YOU ROCK !

ElizabethD Biggest Fan

I’ve completed Reset! 🎉🎉

I would say I lost 4 lbs this week, but from my initial decision to change my diet and we placed the order I’de say I’m down 8 lbs. since May 19th. It helped using the diet choices from am & pm snacks as breakfast and lunch with salad and protein for dinner the week before. Surprisingly not hungry on Reset, I actually had to watch the time to eat snacks to make sure I ate them in between and not at the next meal time. Obviously have not met my goal in a week (or two) and look forward to following a meal plan to keep on the right path. Your fitness classes have been a great help, I felt my 4th day was my low energy day, and the only other side effect was that it was a bit of a cleanse but I imagine that is to be expected. Overall a good experience and happy with the results. Thanks for your support on this journey Gissell you were very informative and a great cheerleader 😘

Alison N

I Hate Working Out..But!

Point Blank...I hate working out! But Gissell Arevalo is amazing! She is so motivating, and has such a positive attitude. She shows you how to modify for your level and never makes you feel bad for doing so. I always feel so great after a work out session with Gissell. Gissell's energy keeps me going throughout the work out. Her words of encouragement propel me forward to finish the session, I know I couldn't do it without her. She makes me a better person!

Nicki S