[qodef_section_title position=”center” title_tag=”” disable_break_words=”no” text_tag=”” text_font_weight=”” title=”WELCOME TO OUR FIT FAMILY!” text=”At Body-By Design we are all in it together! Every workout is a Team Event!”]

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[qodef_section_title position=”left” title_tag=”” title_number_tag=”” disable_break_words=”no” title=”Pricing Plans” title_number=”OPTIONS” title_break_words=”2″]
[qodef_pricing_table columns=”qodef-three-columns” space_between_items=”small”][qodef_pricing_table_item highlighted_item=”no” title=”VIDEO ON DEMAND” button_text=”SIGN UP” button_type=”solid” price=”35″ price_period=”PER MONTH” link=”https://body-by-design.ca/shop-home/video-training/”]
  • Access to our video bank of recorded classes via Zoom.us
  • Watch as many classes as you like any time!
  • Classes are 30 minutes long
[/qodef_pricing_table_item][qodef_pricing_table_item highlighted_item=”yes” title=”VIP LAUNCH – LIMITED TIME!” button_text=”SIGN UP” button_type=”solid” price=”50″ price_period=”PER MONTH” link=”https://body-by-design.ca/shop-home/live-classes/”]
  • Classes are held live every day (Monday to Friday) on ZOOM.US
  • Attend as many classes as you like!
  • Classes run from Monday to Friday for 50 minutes
  • Access to recorded classes – limited to this promotion!
[/qodef_pricing_table_item][qodef_pricing_table_item highlighted_item=”no” title=”PREMIUM PACKAGE” button_text=”COMING SOON!” button_type=”solid” price=”65″ price_period=”PER MONTH” link=”#”]
  • Classes are held live every day (Monday to Friday) on ZOOM.US
  • Attend as many classes as you like!
  • Classes run from Monday to Friday at 6pm for 50 minutes
  • Access to our bank of training videos 24x7x365
  • Hundreds of hours of challenging workouts on demand!
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