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$35.00 / month

A reset program to reboot your sysytem and put you on the path to better health and wellbeing!



Congratulations on taking a leap of faith and committing to your health. The main goal of the 10-day Reset is to give you a complete break from your normal eating patterns. Helps to reset your gut, flush out toxins and reduce or get rid of carb and sugar cravings. Which is what’s usually the culprit to weight gain or plateauing. It will also help with toning when it is combined with a workout regime. This program will allow you to shed a couple pounds and set you up for the next phase. The second phase of this program starts at the 10 day mark(right after the Reset phase). It runs for 21 days called the TRANSFORMATION phase. In this phase you will learn how to adapt to a new lifestyle to help keep your metabolism going and start to maintain the weight off and continue to drop weight. 

Most importantly you will learn to live a healthier and more wholesome lifestyle. To transfer into this phase we will place an order to refill your Nutrimeal shakes, probiotics and cellsential (core minerals and antioxidants vitamins). This will be discussed with you at the time of the transformation. 

Once we complete the transformation phase, we then evaluate your results and work one-on-one on a new program or enter into maintenance phase, continuing with all the new habits you have developed.

I will also, with your permission add you to our reset community where we will be able to help keep each other accountable and inspired with amazing food ideas and support each other through the journey. I will setup the group on WhatsUp where I will provide coaching and as well give you one-on-one.


You will also get: 

    • One-on-one daily check in, as well as group chat support
    • Videos on how to spice up your nutrition with meal ideas and delicious smoothie bowl. 
    • We will track your progress with photos and weigh-in and monitor your progress closely.
    • We will fill out a questionnaire to create a baseline and evaluate at the end of the 5 days. 
    • As a bonus, you will have access to all live classes and recordings for the first 10 days. 


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